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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

How Does PRP Improve Patient Outcome by Enhancing the Body’s Normal Healing Process?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (also referred to as PRP) is an exciting new technique to speed the healing and recuperation of injured, damaged or diseased tissues. It naturally magnifies and concentrates the body’s own healing process to help resolve even difficult and stubborn foot and ankle ailments and injuries.

Unlike cortisone injections which can depress the healing process and often only temporalily masks symptoms, PRP enhances and stimulates healing.

Elite athletes and professional sports teams have relied on PRP therapy for years. It is now available to everyone.

What is PRP therapy Used For?

  • Achilles and other tendon inflammations, injury or scar tissue
  • Ligament and joint sprains, strains and residual weakness
  • Plantar fasciitis, heel, arch or mid-foot pain
  • Joint damage, arthritis and degeneration
  • Slowly healing trauma, wounds or surgeries of all types

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