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(888) 535-3668

Expert Foot & Ankle Specialist and Wound Care for You and Your Family

Legacy Foot and Ankle Centers

Patient-Centred Approach

Patient care is customized according to patients' medical needs, internal values and informed choices.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Incorporate the best available research, along with clinical experience and patient preference into clinical practice, so you can make and informed decision.

Affordable and Accessible

We acklowlede that healthcare is expensive. We will work with you to reduce the financial burden and get you back on your feet.

Comprehensive Podiatric Care for Adults and Children of All Ages


Cysts and Warts

Diabetic Foot Conditions

Flat Feet


Fungal Nails


Heel Pain

Neuroma / Burning Toes

Pediatric Conditions

Plantar Plate Injuries

Wound care

Words from Our Patients

  •   Totally AWESOME! Could not ask for a better physician! A+! He is courteous and extremely professional! Lovin It! YES THANK YOU! :o)

    thumb TT Q.
  •   I had a wonderful and great experience bedside manner was wonderful him making me feel like I was more than a patient wonderful overall a great visit and I was suggest him to anyone and he's very easy on the eyes as well I'm just saying

    thumb Sassie D.
  •   I saw him through Kaiser and he was very kind and thorough. He requested better xrays so he could see what was happening. I have a Middle facet subtler joint coalition giving me some pain after a hike. I am nervous about what this means for the future in my sport, but feel I can ask follow up questions and that I was heard. He gave the cortisone, surgery, conservative treatment options and showed the xray. I didn't feel too hurried and felt he was knowledgeable.

    thumb Melanie B.
  •   Dr. Pedram Kahen was very professional and a genuine nice caring person. He definitely was able to answer my concerns and provide some resourceful info. He also makes you feel comfortable.  Definitely recommend!

    thumb Karla C.
  •   I  made an appointment w/ Dr. K for a sore on my toe that had been pestering me for some time. He was on time w/ the appointment, very professional and understanding.  He was able to help me and took care of my issue to my complete satisfaction. I cannot more highly recommend him.

    thumb T M.
  •   Dr. Kahen is incredible, I highly recommend him. He is personable, soft spoken and professional. I did not feel rushed or dismissed, he is patient and takes the time to answer any questions.

    thumb J G.
  •   Dr.Kahen was very friendly and told me exactly what I needed to do and what I should do for proper care of my injury in the future. He was very thorough and straight to the point with everything which was very helpful. Although conditions are different with everyone, my appointment was super quick and I got all the information I needed within 20 minutes. Highly recommend Dr. Kahen!

    thumb Sonia K.
  •   I started going to this office last year when I had an ingrown toenail. Dr. Kahen is absolutely wonderful. He is personable and gets the job done efficiently and quickly. He's one of the best doctors I've had.

    thumb Jeanine L.
  •   Dr. kahen is the best at what he does. My first visit was great. a tru gentleman. He took the time to explain my situation. Dr. Kahen loves what he does is to help his patients. He speaks from knowledge of medicine and his bedside manner is very professional. Most importantly he speaks from the heart. If your worried about your situation with problems of the foot or ankle. Dr. Kahen will go out if his way to treat you with kindness and respect. He gave me the hard facts about my problem, even though it was hard to hear and except. I recommend Dr. kahen and courteous staff.

    thumb Sal M.
  •   I was pleased with the ease of making an appointment and also the reminders that followed.  There was plenty of street parking when I arrived at the Inglewood office.    The office staff was friendly and they promptly took my insurance info and returned it to me as I was filling out the intake paperwork.  Dr Kahen was available quickly, no waiting.  He knew exactly what the problem was when he looked at my foot, which he described to me before I said anything to him.  Exactly!  He was able to treat the three areas on the bottom of my foot gently and thoroughly.  

    Dr Kahn is a kind, knowledgeable doctor who I found easy to talk to.  I highly recommend him if you are looking for a DPM.

    thumb Bea E.
  • I have an extreme case of left chronic plantar fasciitis as I love playing basketball. I have seen multiple podiatrists in the greater LA area (since I recently moved here from Orange) and all with great reviews so I was initially skeptical approaching a new podiatrist. As I approached Dr. Kahens office, I found that the staff was extremely nice and approachable. Dr. Kahen actually spent the time to thoroughly explain his diagnosis and possible procedures for my specific case. Where the other 2 podiatrists gave me the typical stretch and rest answer, he actually was able to relate to my experience. Its been a month now and I can honestly say I have had 70% improvement of my condition. For now, I have scheduled follow up appointments and will be referring family and friends to him. My deepest thanks to Dr. Kahen and his staff for their assistance in this long haul.

    thumb Jonathan JMS
  • You don't see patience any more just express services. Doc was cool and full of knowledge. A rare thing to find these days. Instead of charging extra, great care was provided. I can tell he did it from the heart ❤. Thanks again Mr. Kahen for the foot care A-1.

    thumb Toby Moore
  • As a healthcare professional myself, I know the importance of providing proper care to patients. Dr. Kahen and his staff do exactly that. Not only did they make me feel like family from the beginning, but they were extremely patient with me. Dr. Kahen has always been thorough in his explanations and has never made me feel rushed. He has great bedside manners and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I have been to several podiatrists in the past since I had a few sports injuries that have followed me throughout the years, and I see a significant difference in the level of attention and the quality of service that I receive from Dr. Kahen. The therapeutic effects I have received through his services have far surpassed his colleagues' efforts. I was initially referred to Dr. Kahen by my mother who struggled with foot problems for most of her life. She was also extremely impressed with the care he provided, and has referred several patients over the years. I highly recommend Dr. Kahen's practice to anyone with a foot concern. You will be pleasantly surprised

    thumb omid vatan
  • Dr. Kahen was extremely patient with addressing my concerns. He took the time to explain everything to me. Your expertise is appreciated!

    thumb Shauna Shalom

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